How to download, save and print the Tree

The Family Tree was written by hand on a large sheet of paper 210cm x 80cm in size (including the clear border) therefore, to retain it's clarity, it should be printed in black and white on approximately the same size sheet. It can be reduced in size, however tests have shown that it can only be reduced by up to 20% before some names start to become illegible.

Before proceeding, the first priority is to locate a local "Reprographics" type shop/company or outlet, that will have the facilities to print the tree from your floppy disk, writtable CD etc.

The "Reprographics" shop/company or outlet, needs to have an A0 size Plotter/Printer which is linked to a computer. Should you have any difficulty finding such a shop, look in your local telephone directory or contact a few "Architectural Design Companies/Individuals". They will be able to advise you as to who has this type of printer/plotter. Alternatively, contact the local College/University and ask at their Engineering or Technical Drawing Department.

Please follow the procedure below for your copy:

  • Download the Tree onto your computer from this website, and save it in a file of your choice.

  • Transfer the Tree (the downloaded file) onto a floppy disk. The file is only 787 KB, so should fit onto a standard 1.44mb floppy disk without any problems.

  • Label and Write protect your disk ( with the back of the disk facing up, flip the little tab, on the left corner of the disk, up. There should now be a hole where the tab used to be, the disk is now write protected. Reverse the operation to unprotect it.)

  • Take your disk to the "Reprographics" shop you have located, and ask them to print a copy for you. (Charges are fairly low in the UK, approx five pounds per copy, but please check the cost before printing)

  • Roll your copy and pack in a tube (should be provided by the shop at a nominal cost) for ease of transportation, DO NOT FOLD and don't forget to retrieve your disk.

  • Return Home with your printed copy, and unroll your copy on a flat surface, or hang it against a flat wall and ______Admire!

  • Make sure you are free for the rest of the day!

Click here to download
and save the Family Tree