The Khajenouri Family Tree

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In 1943 my uncle Taghi Khajenouri and his son Hassanali Khajenouri started a lengthy search, investigating ancient family documents and historical records, to prepare the Khajenouri Family Tree, which goes back 45 generations. Subsequently they published a booklet tracing the family from the beginning, right up to recent times.

In 1992 my industrious son Jaffar and I decided to display this information, along with recent additions, on one sheet of paper, which would enable everyone to trace their background conveniently through 45 plus generations. After 2 years of designing and effort, we succeeded to trace and add hundreds of names of those known to us, to the family tree, on one large sheet of paper.

We then decided to print the tree on a smaller scale, and distribute it amongst those whose addresses were available, and to date (July 2001), over 165 copies have been dispatched to many corners of the world. Recently, there has been some interest shown by family members to have this family tree displayed on the internet, so that all interested groups could have access to it. We have now fulfilled this wish by the formation of this website.

Since each day a new family member is born in Iran and outside of Iran, the family tree will never be complete. We therefore hope that members of the family who view this tree, based on their knowledge, advise us of new arrivals or of those inadvertently missed in this historical document.